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Cut the cables. Add 3D.

Turn them on, they are full compatible with all your devices. Adjust, one press, they are connected. Speak, and your voice is perfectly clear. Here are the AntiPods. A perfect match between technology and design, for an absolutely unique 3D sound experience.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions 2,6 X 2 X 1,9 cm (buds) / 8 X 6,9 X 3,3 cm (case)
Audio system 3D Stereo
Autonomy 8 h + 24h (Case)
Connectivity Bluetooth
Charging Time 1h
Case charging time 1h
Net Weight AntiPods 7g Boitier 77g
Microphone 2

Included accessories

Usb / Micro Usb cable

3 sizes earbuds

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