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Divacore FAQ

SNOWBALL, MOJITO, BLUE LAGOON : My speaker does not open or closed properly

Do not force the speaker to open or close - especially when the top and bottom of the enclosure are aligned.

You can open or close the enclosure when the two upper and lower parts are shifted.

Once the two parts are pressed together with offset (about 5mm), you can tighten or loosen the speaker to open or close.

MOJITO : My speaker does not turn on / off

All our speakers are factory charged.

To turn MOJITO on, push LONG (not STRONG :)) on 0/MENU.

Release the button when the hourglass appears.

Do the same long press on 0/MENU to turn MOJITO off.

If your speaker does not light, please recharge with the USB to mini USB cable supplied.

MOJITO : Browsing folders and directories, albums or artists

You can store thousands of songs on your SD card, so you might want to browse folders :

  1. Hit the pause button  (>/II)
  2. Then, hit the menu button (0/MENU)
  3. Select first row: "Répertoire de Carte" and confirm with (0/menu)
  4. Select first row: (Dossier sans nom) – wait a few seconds (the speaker is checking the whole library) and confirm by hiting the menu (0/MENU).
    Note: Do not press repeatedly the 0/MENU button, otherwise you’ll return to playback mode.
  5. Browse your files and folders by guiding the button (>/II) left or right and confirm with the menu button (0/MENU)


The screen displays only a few seconds to save battery.

If during step 3, your speaker returns to the playback screen (because you have a lot of files), you can hold down the >/ II button facing right or left, to access your directory and navigate properly.

Note: Be careful not to press - but steer the > / II button, otherwise you’ll return to playback mode.

MOJITO: The screen is dark/black, I can’t access controls

To avoid unwanted manipulation, and save battery power, the screen dims after a few seconds and functions are not enabled.

Always remember to press once the 0/MENU button or > / II to re-activate the controls.

MOJITO : FM Radio Mode

To activate the FM Radio, plug the supplied 3,5 audio cable or all other 3.5 MM audio cable (including headphones cords) to your speaker’s audio out. It will then act as an antenna.

RADIO mode

You can manually browse the FM frequency by moving the button >/II

Advanced settings

Access the FM Radio settings by pressing 0/MENU :

  • Save a FM station
  • Delete a FM station
  • Choose FM station frequency
  • Automatic search

Once you have completed an automatic search or SAVE several stations, you can browse your saved stations by pressing the> / II button.

Note: Manual search : Steer the > / II button.

BLUE LAGOON : My speaker does not sync or is not recognized

All devices / systems are 100% Bluetooth compatible with BLUE LAGOON.

All devices / systems are 100% Bluetooth compatible with BLUE LAGOON.

1.       Make sure your speaker is turned on BLUETOOTH ® position (blue logo). Make sure that your device has Bluetooth ® enabled and detectable by other devices.

2.       Scan for bluetooth devices

3.       At the first connection, be sure to wait a few seconds or a few minutes maximum to recognize the device. Once recognized, the words "BT speaker" is displayed.

4.       If a code or a key is requested, enter "0000" (* zero) and confirm.


The next connection will be automatic and much faster.

MOJITO : Setting the language

1. Turn the speaker on

2. Select the “wrench and screwdriver” icon on the far right and confirm with the 0/menu button.

3. Choose the third row, and press Select


English : Choose the second row and confirm.

French : Choose the third row again and confirm.


Note : Languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese.