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  • € 149.00

    ADDICT® really makes you feel like you're at the heart of the music with its Bluetooth 4.1 apxtHD connectivity. ADDICT® has been created to offer you optimum comfort and quality of listening. Your calls are clearer thanks to 2 TRUESOUND® Ultra Voice Speech mics.

    € 149.00
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  • € 89.00

    Plunge into wireless mastered sound. The perfectly calibrated HD earphones offer an unrivalled listening experience. Anti-perspiration, robust and light, BLUESKULL® is designed for even the most extreme sports. A 3-click control for taking calls, managing your playlist and controllingvolume. BLUESKULL® uses professional-standard HD loudspeakers.

    € 89.00
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  • € 119.00

    Cut the cables. Add 3D. Turn them on, they are full compatible with all your devices. Adjust, one press, they are connected. Speak, and your voice is perfectly clear. Here are the AntiPods. A perfect match between technology and design, for an absolutely unique 3D sound experience.

    € 119.00
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items